10 Ways The Removalists Industry Is Being Transformed By Technology

Every occupation and industry sector you can name will have been influenced by technology in recent years, which certainly applies to the removalist sector. Moving home or relocating an office might seem to some as just a process where everything is packed into a van and transported, and whilst that still forms part of what removalists do, everything done before, during, and after that happens has, is, or will change due to technological advances. Here are ten ways technology is transforming the removalists industry to give you a clearer picture of what we mean. Virtual (VR) Surveys/Tours Virtual reality technology can be used in two main ways relating to a house or office move. First, the current property can be surveyed using virtual reality giving the removalists a fuller idea of what will be moved. Second, a virtual reality tour of the new property allows the client to plan the layout and thus specify which room each item is to be placed in. Virtual Assistants/Chatbots To aid with customer service and answer many questions from clients quicker and more efficiently, and it has to be said, at a lower cost than hiring customer service centre staff, removalists can use virtual assistants. Often in the form of chatbots, these are programmed to respond to and answer any queries. Mobile Apps With more people accessing the internet via their mobile phones than ever before, many removalist companies benefit from having a mobile app built for them. Prospects can use this to request a quote or clients to keep track of their home move or office relocation progress through each stage. Online Cost Calculators With these, potential clients can enter variables relating to their move, such as the number and sizes of the items being moved, plus the distance between two locations and an estimate of the cost will be calculated and displayed.