Storage Units Cannington

Reliable and Secure Storage Solutions In Cannington, Perth

It’s normal to be in dire need of secure storage units. Perhaps you have a huge furniture collection, more than your home can house. Or you are moving across the country and would love a temporary storage solution. We have reliable store facilities across Cannington, Perth. You won’t have to raise a finger or worry about getting it across to us. We’ll pick it up from your home!

With Brilliance Storage Solutions, you’ll get seamless access to our storage units in Perth, WA.

Located in Cannington, Brilliance Storage offers flexible options for personalized services. Our services extend to all Perth suburbs, including Cottesloe, City Beach, and Victoria Park.

Storage Units Cannington

How It Works



The first step of the storage process involves our team attending your property and removing the items you want to store away. We will attend with top-of-the-range equipment and enough muscle power to ensure your items are removed fast and efficiently with zero risks of damage or destruction.



Next, our team will work to ensure your belongings are packed safely for long term storage. This could include wrapping them with padding and/or boxing things to reduce the chances of damage over the long term.



Once everything has been packed up and safely secured, it will be stored. Our storage facilities are highly secure with no public access and a range of advanced protection methods.



If you want to retrieve items from storage, we’re only ever a quick phone call away. Our friendly team will work alongside you to ensure you have access to everything in your storage allocation. You can remove items as required or take everything out at once – ultimately, it’s up to you!

Our facilities are clean, secure, and well-maintained, with best-in-class on-site management.

How Brilliance Storage Works

Our storage services are stress-free. Your stuff remains safe from the moment we pick up your load until we deliver it. How do we ensure such care and reliability while storing your stuff?

1. Schedule Pick Up

The first stage is contacting us to jump-start the storage process. You can reserve your storage space online, make payments, and manage your storage account using your mobile phone.

No, you don’t have to haul your items across town to us. Our team will show up at your doorstep to remove the items you want to store away. Brilliance storage is always prepared to handle any item appropriately with the right equipment. We also get the manpower necessary– so you won’t need to lift a finger. There are zero damage risks when you work with us.

Cannington Storage Units Facility
Secure Storage Solutions In Cannington, Perth

2. Loading and Packing Your Load

Brilliance Storage will pack your things and load them up in a secure space. Each item will receive perfectly suitable storage space. Things that require padding or boxing must remain in great condition while in storage. Our team consists of experts who store items the right way.

3. Storage

So, where does your stored item go? Our highly conducive storage facilities. We boast storage facilities across Perth, WA. They are safe and secure, shielded from the public, and suitable for your things. We’ve put some advanced protective measures in place for maximum security.

Storage Services Cannington

4. Delivery

We are only one call away whenever you need to retrieve your items. No stressful processes or hassle. Our team is proactive and always available to handle your request. They work even at odd hours to offer unhindered access to your allocated storage. But access hinges on the previous agreement.

We have no rules or limitations regarding what you can retrieve per time. Whether you end some of your items or want to take everything at once, we are good. Contact us to let us know. Note that we provide access based on prior arrangements.

5. Move It

Perhaps you are relocating and would like us to move it across town to your new space. No worries. Speak with our friendly team to specify your needs, and we’ll make it happen.

When to Consider Storing With Brilliance Storage

We’ll be all too willing to render our services in the following situations:

During a Move

Are you planning to store some items while moving? Yeah, we understand exactly what you need. We’ll store your items and move them to your new location, whether across the country or to the other end of the country. We’ll load the items up to the store and deliver them when it’s time to retrieve them.

Cannington Storage Units Services
Renovations and Remodeling

Renovations and Remodeling

You couldn’t possibly have all your stuff at home during a renovation or remodeling. That’s where we come in. Brilliance storage unit can hold onto your things during the whole process. You’ll have access to it 24/7, anytime you want.

Declutter your Home and Stay Organized

Should you decide you have too much furniture lying around or would love to store some cabinets away to create space, we are right here. We understand the need to make room for a new family member sometimes. A cluttered home could be overwhelming. Need a little break from everything until you can arrange them properly? Brilliance Storage is one call away.

Safe, Secure, and Convenient Storage At Your Doorstep

Our storage options are suitable for a wide range of items. We offer box and container storage solutions in place of self-storage options. These units are perfect for furniture, personal belongings, library, etc.

Beyond personal storage, Brilliance Storage caters to offices seeking commercial storage for their inventory, furniture, and equipment.

Safe, Secure, and Convenient Storage At Your Doorstep

Box Storage

Save yourself the stress of driving all the way to store your items. We’ll pick them up right at your doorstep without stressing you. Our box storage serves only items appropriate for box storage.

Archive Storage

Perhaps you would love to keep some confidential files pertaining to your business in secure storage. We have archive storage for this purpose. It’s safe storage for important documents. We’ll have to deal with them while storing and returning them. So, our storage is foolproof and only accessible to you.

Container Storage

Our containers come in various sizes for short—or long-term purposes. As you may have guessed, they are for things that wouldn’t fit into standard box storage, such as office equipment, furniture, or machinery. These containers are weather-resistant and structured to secure any items stored in them.

Are you in Cannington, Perth, or its environs? Contact us to access our storage services today.

Container Storage Cannington
Storage Solutions Cannington

What You’ll Get When You Work With Brilliance Storage in Perth, WA

  • Packing advice and removal support services
  • Secure storage space for rent
  • 24/7 customer care service
  • Flexibility and accessibility based on prior arrangement
  • Seamless storage solutions

Get the “storage near me” experience with Brilliance Storage. It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

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