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Moving house can be a difficult time, but having an experienced furniture removalist to help you with practical help and advice derived from many years of experience in successfully moving people into their new homes it can become a lot easier. With us on your side, you’ll find the work of packing up and moving into your new home an exciting one, with much less stress than you may have expected.

First and foremost you’ll need to book a truck for your moving date and the sooner you do that, the surer you can be of getting the right sized truck for your needs. Our 8 and 10 tonne trucks are ready to take your goods to their new destination, so long as you book them ahead of time.

We offer removals around the city, suburbs and beyond; even interstate. We pride ourselves on keeping our trucks in top condition so there will be no hold-ups or breakdowns on moving day – at least, not due to mechanical failure from a poorly serviced truck.

Our removals business has full insurance to give you even more peace of mind.

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What Else Do We Offer?

The staff we employ to pack and unpack your goods are highly trained experts who know how important it is that furniture and other goods are packed securely and carefully so there is no damage to them on the journey. To that end, we offer packing services per item in case you have one or two larger pieces of furniture, such as a piano or antique dresser that are especially fragile or important to you.

When we wrap and pack these pieces ourselves, we know that they will be more secure on the trip. Yes, we do charge a fee for this service, but we also supply the bubble wrap and whatever else is needed to ensure your special goods are wrapped up safely and securely.

Or course, we also offer complete packing and wrapping services for your whole home as well. Home removals will never be so easy as when you allow us to pack it all. You can book into a resort for a holiday or go visit the parents for a week while we do all the work. Our trained staff will come into your home and pack everything up in a professional manner, then unpack it at the other end. You will only have to walk into your new home and everything will be ready for you to resume your normal lifestyle. When it comes to choosing removalists, residents know they can trust us to do a great job of wrapping, packing and transporting precious goods to their new home.

We also work on weekends when needed because we understand that is sometimes the only time you have spare. Weekend house removals are a good choice for businesses, ensuring you can open for business on the Monday so no time is lost in getting your new offices up and running. They also fit in with school days and the working week, ensuring no time is lost in your job or in the children’s schooling. So if you need a furniture removalist for the weekend, we are the people to contact.

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Trust, Ease of Communication and Affordability

When looking for furniture removals, residents know an important part of choosing the company to do the job is being able to trust them. No one wants to be ripped off, or find the truck doesn’t arrive when it is supposed to. We have a good reputation we are proud of and do everything in our power to ensure you are happy with our services. That is why we have a successful business that extends to other capital cities, not just Brisbane. People always choose to deal with a company they can trust.

No matter who you deal with, unless there is ease of communication, difficulties can arise. We are happy to talk to you at any time before and during your removals to answer questions you may have and give advice about moving. We are here to help you as much as you need so that your experience in moving will be as stress-free as we can make it.

If you are looking for a cheap removalist, you’ll find our prices are very affordable. We strive to keep the cost down for you while still giving you the best service possible. Our rates will vary depending on what services are required and the distance to be travelled. In fact, if it’s within 60km we offer free travel time, so you’re only paying for the truck, not the time travelled.

When it comes to cheap removals, residents and business owners know whom to call.

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Interstate or intrastate removalists

If you need to go across the city or the country, we can get your precious possessions to their final destination.

All we need is your new address.

Contact us today to start organising your move, and you’ll find peace of mind knowing that your removalist company is there to back you up and help you wherever possible.

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