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Custom Storage Units To Serve All Your Needs in Melbourne

Need quick storage units in Yarraville, Melbourne? You’ve come to the right place. Brilliance Storage offers storage solutions across Melbourne. Regardless of where you are, we are right in the neighborhood, ready to come to your rescue.

We have small storage units that fit your seasonal decoration and large units for storing your furniture. Our storage facilities are secure and perfect for different kinds of needs.

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Storage Units Yarraville

How It Works



The first step of the storage process involves our team attending your property and removing the items you want to store away. We will attend with top-of-the-range equipment and enough muscle power to ensure your items are removed fast and efficiently with zero risks of damage or destruction.



Next, our team will work to ensure your belongings are packed safely for long term storage. This could include wrapping them with padding and/or boxing things to reduce the chances of damage over the long term.



Once everything has been packed up and safely secured, it will be stored. Our storage facilities are highly secure with no public access and a range of advanced protection methods.



If you want to retrieve items from storage, we’re only ever a quick phone call away. Our friendly team will work alongside you to ensure you have access to everything in your storage allocation. You can remove items as required or take everything out at once – ultimately, it’s up to you!

Very positive experience with Brilliance Removalists - I needed contents of 2-bedroom house shipped and unloaded at storage unit outside of metro area, and Leo & Fabio did a fantastic job. They were punctual, courteous, professional and hardworking. They took the stress out of moving. Highly recommend them!

Kevin Patrick

Long-term and Short-term Storage at Yarraville, Melbourne

With several size varieties serving Yarraville residents, you will definitely find a storage option that perfectly suits your needs. We are committed to offering flexible storage for our clients. But if you don’t know what exactly you want, we’ll help with recommendations.

We are the typical friendly neighborhood storage provider that fits the “storage near me description.”

Wouldn’t you love facilities that are easily accessible in case you need any of your items urgently? We both know the answer to that. Let’s store your items in the way they deserve to be stored.

What’s more? You won’t raise a finger while dealing with us. We’ll do all the hard work and make the whole process a walk in the park!

Yarraville Storage Facility
Long-term and Short-term Storage at Yarraville, Melbourne

Why Are We Your Best Bet in Melbourne?

Great question! Working with us is more like choosing a simple life. Our services come with numerous benefits, but these are top on the list:

24/7 Access to Your Items

Your items are important to you, and you may need them anytime. We understand that fact. Hence, we are committed to offering 24/7 access to your things.

Yarraville Storage Units Services

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment whenever you need to pick up a few things. Or call us to have them delivered. Zero stress!

Maximum Security

When you decide to keep your items with us, we understand that you trust us to keep them safe. And we know those items mean a lot to you. Why else would you want them stored?

Well, say no more. Our facilities are equipped with top security. There is no random access to the facilities, and we have a monitoring center to keep an eye on the storage units.

Squeaky Clean Facilities

Keeping our facilities clean is on our priority list. We are orderly and organized in every sense of the word. So, your items are not just safe, but they will be in clean storage.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Customers are always right in matters of taste. Our team operates according to this rule to provide the best services that will certainly satisfy you. Perhaps we missed some details (which rarely happens), but we are always available to attend to you.

Our team also knows the ABC of storing items.

Variety of Storage Options

Everyone has different needs while storing items. Whether you are storing a single item, documents, or a car, we have the proper storage unit for you. We are the one-stop shop for all your storage needs.

Variety of Storage Options
Furniture Storage Yarraville

What Can You Store With Brilliance Storages in Melbourne?

Furniture Storage

If you are considering living abroad for a while, simply need to downsize, or just really need to declutter your space, we’ll store your furniture away. We have a suitable space for your bedside table or cabinets. Our team is always on-site to help.

Item Storage

We have small box storage for any single bulky item. Whether you need storage for a bulky item or a smaller package, we have the perfect storage unit for you.


Brilliant Storage offers 24/7 services that is suitable for individuals and businesses. Hence, when you store your business documents with us, you can rest assured that you can access them anytime.

Yarraville Storage Unit Services

Why would you want to store your documents away from the office? For one, storage. Instead of stacking up boxes of documents, you can store them and use the space for something else. This storage option can also be used to keep vital documents and shield private information from curious employees.

Warehouses For Businesses

You don’t need to pay for extra space for your business. Save that money to scale up! Our storage space is affordable and offers you the same comfort.

Whether you want to save your office equipment or stack other occasional items for work, store them offsite with us. This would save you some costs.

Storing Seasonal Stock

You may need all the space you can get when you run your business from home. Storing seasonal stocks provides all the space you need. Store items that you hardly need with us and stock up on daily stocks to boost your business revenue!

Do not worry; you’ll have access to these goods in the right season. We are always one call away.

Contact us now to speak with a member of our team.

Storing Seasonal Stock Yarraville

Paul from Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, made everything about packing my entire house into a container for storage easy.

The removalists Gleeson and Fábio were professional and personable and took great care packing the container to save space. I will be asking for them for the unpacking. I recommend this company without reservation.

Greg Williams

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