Interstate Removals Brisbane

If you are looking for interstate removalists, look no further.

Not all removalists will travel long distances to other states, but that is one of our specialities.

Interstate removals Brisbane

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Interstate RemovalsBrisbane
You might think it is much more difficult to move to another state than it is to move to another city in the same state, but in fact there is not that much difference; the journey just takes longer, that’s all.

At least, it may not even take longer, depending on exactly where you are moving to. That said, some furniture removalists do prefer the shorter runs within the same city.

However for an experienced removal company, the job of taking all your furniture and other goods across the country is easy. Those highways are all in very good condition – often better than the minor roads, so there is little likelihood of your goods getting damaged on the journey just because it is a longer one.

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Interstate Removals from Brisbane

We will work with you to decide on a date and time to come and load up your household goods and let you know how long it will take for us to arrive at your new home.

You can then make your own arrangements for travel and accommodation for the trip, depending on how far it is. That’s basically all you need to do, apart from changing your address and making sure the utilities are switched off in the old house and on in the new ready for when you arrive. See? It’s really no different from moving across the city. Of course, if you have just a short way to go, we will be happy to arrange that, too.

For our interstate furniture removal trips we make sure to use extra packing materials between the furniture in the truck to ensure it stays in good condition.  We also like to tie everything down securely so there is minimal movement. We carry all the necessary insurance needed for going to another state. If you also have insurance for your furniture and goods, make sure it is covered for travel out of the state and for travel in a truck. Some contents insurance may not apply to moving.

No matter where you are moving to, it is a good idea to start with booking the removal truck early, so contact us today.
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