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Seamless and Stress-free Moving takesHard work
So, Put the #1 Professional Removalists Company to Work

Of All the Removalist Companies, Brilliance Removals Takes the Crown in Professionalism and Expertise in Western Australia.

Finding a moving company that offers a top-flight moving experience could be a hassle. But seeing you are here, you seem to have figured that out!

Brilliant Removals and Storage will brilliantly handle your moving needs—whatever they may be. 

With over a decade of experience hauling clients’s things across town, you won’t find a more dedicated and expert company. This may sound cliche, but our long list of satisfied clients will back that up.

Moving house isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows. It’s often like packing years of memories into several boxes. Not to mention furniture removals and other bulky items  (you wouldn’t want to let go of your favorite pool table, of course!).

We understand that each box contains essential items that make your house a home. That’s why we ultimately focus on safely handling your belongings with utmost care.

Brilliance Removals understands what matters most to you. So, we treat your belongings like we would our most valuable assets during the moving process.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the most affordable and the most transparent pricing you could think of. That’s right: No hidden fees.

Brilliance Removals and Storage has customized plans for any move. From local to interstate moves, our services are flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

Do you want a more hands-on move? No worries. But if you’d like us to handle everything, from packing to unpacking, we’ll be pleased to take the burden off you.

Our modern 8-10 tonne truck fleet makes any kind of move a snap. With us, huge interstate moves are a no-brainer.

* We look forward to helping you with your next move!
* Call us today on 1300 216 734.

What You Get When You Hire Brilliance Removals

Need A Reason To Hire Brilliance Removals?

Sure, we’ve got a million; here’s a few for starters.

We train our staff to care for your belongings as they would care for their most priced asset. Get unmatched care from when we pick up your things until we arrive at the destination.

Any company that survives for decades is doing everything right. Our clients will attest to that.

If a genie were to ask us for three wishes, it would be to satisfy our clients three times over. But we don’t need a wish to achieve that goal– we’ve had years of practice.

We admit that we can’t beat the speed of light. But we sure would beat the speed of most local removalist companies near me.

If it’s unprofessional, it’s not Brilliance Removals. We train our staff to be courteous and professional from start to finish. That’s precisely what you’ll get. Brilliance Removals only hires brilliant professionals.

We have years of practice under our belt. We get better at this each year and learn from each experience. Helping people reallocate is now a part of us—or should we say, “We are your expert mover in Perth WA.”

Finally, you can trust us with any delicate item, including antiques and art collections. We are the local removalist company that is sold on offering top-notch services. It’s either high quality or nothing.

Unrivaled Mover in Perth, WA

How would you describe moving to a new office or home? Stressful, right? Yeah, that’s the narrative.

But Brilliance Removals and Storage is brilliantly changing the status quo across Perth.

Moving could be stress-free. As seamless as leaving your previous home without packing and walking into your new home with all your household items unpacked.

How does this work? 

Well, the obvious starting point is hiring us. From there it’s a walk in the park. As experienced removalists, we’ve had to help hundreds of clients with house removals across Perth.

Yet, every single client is different from the other. We pride ourselves in personalized services that consider every situation.

Let’s break this down.

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Stress-Free House Removals in Perth

Top Removalists Servicing Perth Suburbs, One Move at a Time

Are you moving to Perth or any suburb in Western Australia? Great! We can’t wait to help you.

No distance is too short or long. Regardless of the distance, you’ll get stellar relocation and storage services. Consider us the Movers for any Distance.

We service a wide range of suburbs in Perth and Western Australia. Contact our Perth local removalists at 1300 112 715.

Brilliance Removals & Storage is the removalist with influence across these suburbs and beyond:

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One fun fact about Perth is that it’s home to a reputable moving company offering house removals to locals.

Brilliance Storage’s strengths are flexibility and maximum care for your valuables. Our services include the following:

Other Interesting Facts About Living in Perth

Perth is one of Australia’s sunniest cities and annually enjoys around 3,200 hours of sunshine.

It’s home to a vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues. It also has six sister cities!

Perth boasts a robust job market and numerous business opportunities.

The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center averages around AU$2,576, while outside the city center, it’s about AU$1,979.

It boasts an organized transport system, including buses, trains, and ferries.

Perth has three universities and two TAFE campuses, providing various educational opportunities.

Permanent residents can access Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare system, which covers most medical treatments and consultations.

Perth Removals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It depends on you. You can opt for our packing services and do nothing but be there, or you can pack boxes before we arrive. It’s all up to you. 

We prefer to have you with us throughout the whole process. For safety and accountability purposes, we’ll want you to take inventory of your items before and after the move. We also need you to specify all the items to move.

Brilliance Removals Perth provides extra protection for all household items by wrapping them in a padded moving blanket. This ensures that the items survive the hustle and bustle of moving without any scratches.

It would certainly make the removal process faster and smoother for us. But we don’t mind helping with the packing—it’s one of the services we offer at extra cost.

We can’t specify the figures because we offer various services and understand that every client’s needs are peculiar. But what we can promise is a transparent and competitive price. You’ll get a quote from us, and that’s about it. We won’t shock you with hidden fees.

We boast removal equipment to handle any kind of move, and our local removalists are experts at handling any items. However, you may need to inform us of the bulky items so we can show up with enough manpower and equipment. 

By all means! Our flexible services include packing and unpacking at your new house. All you need to do is be present and walk in once the removal is complete. 

We’re even willing to work weekends to make things more convenient for you.


Have a look at what our customers say about our removalists on OneFlare, Google & Word of Mouth

Florence PatelFlorence Patel
07:28 28 May 24
We had a very smooth and enjoyable experience with Junior, Omar, Will and Davi for our move which took place over 2 days. They worked hard and late and all along were very professional and smiling. As an advice I would recommend to describe well your property when you are ready to book as they may add an extra person to the job which would speed up the move and would cost less.We highly recommend the teams, very happy with the result ! Nothing got damaged, they were very gentle and we are now happy in our new place. 👍🏽🥇😊
Sergio did a great job! Very trustworthy company! Highly recommended!
Kody DieganKody Diegan
05:33 15 May 24
Joao, Paul and Gabriel were great in helping our move! Great energy and super polite, thanks guys!
Sunny LeeSunny Lee
04:29 14 May 24
Affordable and very efficient.
23:10 13 May 24
João was very professional and looked after my things sending a picture of the container. It was very nice to lead with him.
Clyde AuldClyde Auld
08:51 01 May 24
Brilliance Removals have gone way above expectations.One of there workers accidentally stood on our recliner electric cables and dislodged it from the motor. This could easy happen to anyone.Brilliance had ensured they weren't leaving us with the problem.They found a repairer who came today and replaced the two motors in the chairs that were not working.Brilliance is an excellent company, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.Thank you again Brilliance Removals
Rowena AlbonesRowena Albones
11:01 05 Apr 24
What a fantastic job by the Brilliance team. We are very grateful for Paulo and Edilberto’s help today. They did a great job, such lovely guys and so careful with everything - nothing was a problem! I would highly recommend and will be using them again. Thank you
Chason GriptonChason Gripton
01:06 05 Apr 24
I used this company 2 weeks ago and they were fantastic. Paul and Roberto were the kindest and most professional guys. They took care of my belongings and made sure everything was done just right. They also got me out of a bind and were able to do the job with only 48 hours notice. Literally couldn’t have moved without them.
Luciana AlmeidaLuciana Almeida
11:09 20 Mar 24
We are absolutely thrilled with the outstanding service provided by Brilliance Removals & Storage. From the moment we engaged their services, it was evident that we made the right choice.João and Omar, the movers assigned to our relocation from our rental property to our new home. Their punctuality was commendable; they arrived right on time and wasted no time in getting to work.In addition to their exemplary work ethic, João and Omar were very friendly and courteous, making the entire moving experience a pleasant one. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction were truly commendable.Without hesitation, we recommend Brilliance Removals & Storage to anyone in need of relocation services. Their team, led by João and Omar, exceeded our expectations in every way, and we are immensely grateful for their assistance during this significant transition in our lives.
Marc PoorMarc Poor
09:25 14 Feb 24
We booked Brilliance Removals based on a friend's referral and so glad we did! They were on time, very friendly, professional and very efficient. Service was amazing and a big shout out to Junior, Omar and Lucas! Great guys who were fun, positive and hardworking! Highly recommend!
Wow what a team! Both the packing team and removalist team where fantastic. They both worked tirelessly and efficiently and were extremely polite. I will have no hesitation recommending them. Thank you so much for a stress free move.
Thank you so much for organising your team for this small move. Will and guil were absolutely wonderful. They worked hard and were extremely polite and conscientious. Thank you again.
I wanted to inform you that we were very happy with the team you sent for our packing and moving. The boys were very hard working, efficient, polite and friendly. Great team work! Please write their names on my file and hopefully for our next job, the same great team will be available. All 3 of them deserve a good promotion, as they are keeping your business going.
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