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Affordable Storage Units in Melbourne Footscray

Do you live in Footscray, Melbourne, or its environs? Are you seeking a place to store your items? Look no further than Brilliance Storage. We offer secure storage services in Melbourne, WA, in various sizes.

Our team goes the extra mile to render personalized storage for each client. Ready to give it a go? Contact us now or request a quote.

Storage Units Footscray

How It Works



The first step of the storage process involves our team attending your property and removing the items you want to store away. We will attend with top-of-the-range equipment and enough muscle power to ensure your items are removed fast and efficiently with zero risks of damage or destruction.



Next, our team will work to ensure your belongings are packed safely for long term storage. This could include wrapping them with padding and/or boxing things to reduce the chances of damage over the long term.



Once everything has been packed up and safely secured, it will be stored. Our storage facilities are highly secure with no public access and a range of advanced protection methods.



If you want to retrieve items from storage, we’re only ever a quick phone call away. Our friendly team will work alongside you to ensure you have access to everything in your storage allocation. You can remove items as required or take everything out at once – ultimately, it’s up to you!

Paul from Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, made everything about packing my entire house into a container for storage easy.

The removalists Gleeson and Fábio were professional and personable and took great care packing the container to save space. I will be asking for them for the unpacking. I recommend this company without reservation.

Greg Williams

Opt for an Easier and Secure Storage Option in Melbourne, WA

Rest easy knowing that your things are in safe hands with Brilliance Storage. At your request, we’ll pick up your items, deliver them when needed, and create a suitable storage unit for you. Whatever your storage need is, you’ll get it without as much as a phone call or online request.

Super easy!

With various storage size options, we cater to a wide range of storage needs. That’s one of the reasons we have remained a reputable storage company in Melbourne for years.

Our clients trust us to preserve their treasured items. We provide the ideal solution to ensure we always satisfy them.

Footscray Storage Facility
Brilliance Storage Units Footscray

Why Brilliance Storage?

We are always proud to treat you as one of our own and create a premium experience with zero headaches. Our clients come to us for storage for these reasons:

Solid Security

Some clients’ major concern is security. Especially when saving something highly valuable, like a crucial business document.

But our state-of-the-art facilities are failproof security-wise. We’ll protect your belongings like they’re ours because as soon as we pick them up, they become our responsibility.

Storage Facility Footscray

Tidy Facilities:

We keep our facilities clean and organized. In fact, it’s a priority to us because we believe it affects the items. A squeaky-clean environment is important to us..

Easy Process:

Typically, we seek ways to make the storage process fast and easy. In a few clicks, our team of removalists will drop by to pick up your items and store them appropriately.

And whenever you need the items or some for the items, we’ll deliver them as required. Skip the driving to and fro your storage units each time you need a few things. As we said, we intend to make this super easy and stress-free.

Best-in-class Customer Service:

Our customer service team will attend to your needs anytime. With a simple phone call, we’ll sort your issues or deliver your items to your doorstep.

Various Storage Sizes:

From experience, we realized most people need less storage than they think. So, we suggest you consult us first to determine the perfect storage size.

From a locker or box space to a small box for seasonal decluttering to ample house space for businesses, we have several options.

Don’t worry about finding the proper storage for your belongings. Our facilities cater to a wide range of storage needs in Melbourne, WA.

Storage Sizes
Storage Units in Melbourne Footscray

Easy Access:

We’ve got no limits on accessibility. You have 365 days of access to your unit in a year, but using the right details (for security reasons), you can access your unit at any time.

With drive-up storage access, Brilliance Storage offers options tailored to commercial and residential clients.

Storage Units Near Me in Melbourne

Choosing the appropriate storage solution could be a hassle, especially for newbies. You may be considering self-storage or a box and container storage unit.

What’s the best option?

It all depends on what you want. With a self-storage unit, you’ll have easy access to your things whenever you need them. You need to call us to deliver your things, but that’s where the perks stop.

Easy access to storage also means you must manage the entire storage process. Cushion your units for things requiring extra protection, or get a removal company to load and unload your belongings.

If you aren’t familiar with storing things properly, you may bite off more than you can chew.

Storage Units Process

How It Works

Our process is easy as pie. Here’s what to expect:

Pickup: Reaching out to us is as simple as calling your friends. In no time, our removalists will arrive with a moving truck to pick up your belongings. We’ll also come with top-tier equipment and the necessary manpower.

Packing: Our team will pack your stuff to reduce the risk of destruction to 0. All your items will get the best storage unit for long-term safety. Our team will pad boxes where necessary.

Storage: Once we store all your items in a unit suitable for long-term preservation, we’ll store them in our storage facility. This facility boasts 24/7 security, ultra-monitoring technology, and a management team.

Delivery: We are always one phone call away should you need anything. Our team will ensure you have access to your storage unit whenever you need anything from it.

On top of this, all our facilities have premium security and provide a conducive environment for your storage units.

Footscray Storage
Storage Solution Footscray

We Can Store Anything Including…

  • Furniture
  • Document- crucial documents
  • Warehouse space
  • Storage for Business
  • Seasonal decors
  • Motorbikes or Caravans

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